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The cramps, they are here.


Wow it's been a while

This is basically like my checklist journal, isn't it

Fright NightCollapse )

AniweenCollapse )
Though if it's too cold for the LA Link cosplay, i'll probably make a fox mask and go in kitsuke.

laptop won't turn on DD: arrrggh


i am going to have a v. v. busy september/october this year omg


list time:
Gaelic lessons (2hrs per week + CONSTANT PRACTICE)
finish Shadow costume (dye wig, make weapons)
write Halloween thing for askb
finish kitsuke accesories (EVERYTHING SSOB i haven't even quilted my bag yet aaaa)
Do Fright Night (three whole weekends aurgh)
Aniween (!!)


plus usual tarot studies



Sep. 16th, 2013

Just got back from my first Gaelic lesson and omfg. Brain needs rest.
Urrrgggg taking a long break from tumblr methinks.

must. make. fiction.

But until then I'll just put up some tumblr stuff?

Legend of Zelda and FE6 Babbus under the cutCollapse )
/I really need to draw more Wolt hmmm
I've been playing my little accordion so much that my left hand actually swelled to like twice it's size last night.
That is all.
 I'mma play the shit out of that thing.